Become A Host And Make Gold

Looking to make some extra bills on the side? become a host with Frost Bets and enjoy the benefits of having odds on your side. 

Why do people trust us?

Frost Bets was first started in 2011 previously known as Frost GE. We have been around for a long time and we know that trust is everything, this is why people continue to come back and how we build a strong community. To find out more check out here 

Host Prices 

All host prices are purchased except for smileys.

Clan Chat Host Prices (OSRS GP):

Smiley Free: 10M Max 12M Weekly 

Recruit 1000M (1B): 50M Max 20M Weekly

Corporal 1500M (1.5B): 100M Max 30M Weekly
Sergeant 2000M (2B) : 200M Max 50M Weekly

Lieutenant 3000M (3B): 750M Max 60M Weekly

Captain 6000M (6B): 1B Max 70M Weekly

General 8000M (8B): 1.5B Max 90M Weekly 

All ranks are non-refundable.

To pay for a host please speak to Frost on Discord.


Commission Staking Prices:

Recruit 100M: 50M Max 

Corporal 200M: 100M Max 
Sergeant 400M: 200M Max 

Lieutenant 1500M (1.5B): 750M Max 

Captain 2000M (2B): 1B Max 

General 3000M (3B): 1.5B Max 

All ranks are non-refundable.

To pay for a host please speak to Frost on Discord.

How to earn a smiley rank? 

To earn a smiley rank we only look for helpful and active members who are actively in our clan chat, and Discord daily. There are certain criterias you must meet before you are eligible to earn a rank in Frost Bets, this includes:

  1. Being able to host a minimum of 3 hours per day or 21 hours per week

  2. Having a minimum of 4 earnable ranks on Discord 

  3. Receive 3 nominations from hosts (a host must nominate you by contacting me)

  4. Overall good behavior in the clan chat and Discord

  5. Helpful within the community with newbies and answering questions

  6. Must be in the Discord channel for a minimum of 2 months

Once you achieve all these you will be put to vote by the community for 7 days, where they will have the final say to vote yes or no.

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