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How To Gamble In Discord With Runescape

Click on the image below to join our Discord server

fb join discord.jpg

Today we will discuss the many different ways you can gamble in Runescape, either through Discord or in a clan chat. To gamble in our Discord server you must join through clicking our link just above (no downloads needed to join Discord). If you are not to sure if Discord is safe or not be sure to check out this article.

There is a huge variety of games in Discord that we offer, and I will go through each one to make sure you fully understand how it works.

To get started you must convert your Runescape GP's to your Discord wallet. To do that you must do the command !cashin (07/RS3) amount in the channel called #cash-in-out. Once you have traded one of our trusted cashiers/hosts you can then gamble with your Discord wallet. 

A list of commands

!w/!wallet - display your wallet 

!profile - Displays all your stats in Discord

!xp - Displays your current Discord XP

!chipin (amount of chips) 07 - lets you transfer your wallet to Poker chips

!chipout (amount of chips) 07 - lets you transfer your Poker chips to your wallet

!changepriv - lets you set your wallet on private mode 

!top07 - shows the weekly leaderboard 

!tickets - shows you your raffle tickets


!cmd - shows a total list of commands

500M Monthly Raffles!

Bet 2M or higher you automatically go in the draw to win 500M at the end of every month. We livestream the winner at the end of every month who randomly gets picked to win 500M 07 just by having a ticket with us. 

We host a huge selection of games on Discord such as dice, flower poker, hot/cold, black jack, sports bets and more! The best part about our games on Discord is everything is provably fair so you can verify every roll for yourself.

We also host Poker with a 1% rake fee, you can convert your Discord wallet to poker chips by doing the command !chipin or !chipout.

A list of games we offer

53x2 and dice other dice games (provably fair)

Dice Duel (provably fair)

Hot/Cold (provably fair) 

Flowerpoker (provably fair)

Blackjack (provably fair) 


Commision Staking

By being our top Wager in Discord you can win a share of 250M in prizes every week! to find out where you are on the leaderboard do the command !top07 or !toprs3

To get started, simply just make a cashin by doing the command "!cashin (amount of GP you wish) 07" or you can cashout once you are done by doing the same command but "!cashout (amount of GP you wish) 07".

Play Blackjack

You can play blackjack in our server. To begin join the blackjack channel and do the command !bj (amount) (07) once you have made a deposit. You can either choose to hit or stay. Our blackjack is also provably fair! to learn more click on this link 

Play Poker

Get Started

Poker is a Player V Player game where you can stake against anyone in this server. To get started on playing Poker just do the command !chipin (amount of chips you would like) 07 so for E.G if I wanted 5 chips I would do !chipin 5 07 in #💲cash-in-out 1 Chip= 1K

To join a game simply go to then click on a game you would like to join.

To check your chip balance you can either do the command !w in Discord, or check your account balance by clicking on the box at the bottom right.

General troubleshooting tips

•Before you can chip in, you must have registered beforehand by logging into the site previously so your Discord account is linked.

•1 Chip= 1k 07