How to gamble in Runescape

Join our Clan Chat "FrostBetsCC"

To gamble in Runescape, join our clan chat "FrostBetsCC"!


All hosts are located at W301 South East Grand Exchange. 

To start, simply find any ranked host (someone in the clan chat who has a mark next to their name). Once you find a host, trade them the amount you would like to bet. Please note all hosts have a maximum bet they are aloud to take, going over this amount will void any warranty the host will have. The maximum bets are as follows: 

  • Smiley                   10M Max

  • Recruit                   50M Max

  • Corporal                 100M Max

  • Sergeant               200M Max

  • Lieutenant             750M Max

  • Captain                  1BM Max 

  • General                  1.5B Max 

500 million GP Raffle!

For every 2m+ bet you place with our hosts, you will recieve a ticket. At the end of each month, one ticket is pulled for a winner of 500M!


Games we offer:

There are several different types of games you can play. 
To play hot/cold simply trade a host the amount you would like to bet, then ask for either hot or cold. Once the amount has been traded a host will confirm the bet in the clan chat and use the command !flower to roll the bot. (This is always a random outcome). The bot will display a message in the clan chat (randomly) and it may be 1 of 9 options.


  • Red, orange, yellow is hot

  • Blue, purple pastel is cold

  • Rainbow is host win

  • Black/white is replant


You can also bet on a single flower for x3 payout.


Dice Duel

The dice is rolled between 1-12. The player with the highest roll wins. Both players must do the command !dd, and the bot will print a random number between 1-12.


  • The highest number is the winner

  • 1x tie is host win

The bot rolls a random number between 1-100 when a member does the command !roll, if you roll 56 or over you win 2x your bet. 

  • Must roll 56 or over to win x2 your bet.

  • 55 or below is host win 

  • The bot rolls 1-100


The bot rolls a random number between 1-100, when a member does !roll, if you roll between 45-55 you win 3x your bet.

  • Must roll 46-54 to win x3 your bet

  • 45 or below, or 55 and above is host win

  • Bot roll 1-100


The bot rolls a random number between 1-100 when a member does the command !roll, if you roll 75 or over you win x3 your bet.

  • Must roll 80 or over to win x3 your bet.

  • Below 79 is host win 

  • The bot rolls 1-100


The bot rolls a random number between 1-100 when a member does the command !roll, the player can choose either over or under to win x2 their bet. 

  • 1-44 is considered under 

  • 56-100 is considered over

  • You can call 1-5 or 95-100 for x6 payout


Flower poker is played by using the command !fp. The bot will print 5 coloured flowers that can include,

rainbow, red, yellow,orange, purple, pastel, blue, black,white. The player with the highest pairs wins.


  • The purpose of the game is to get the highest same amount of flower colours

    • for example if member 1 received [blue][blue][red][yellow][rainbow]

    • member 2 received [blue][blue][blue][yellow][rainbow] member 2 would win. 

  • 2x tie is instant host win.

Chest Games
Currently there are 3 chest games you can play. Each chest game has a different random prize and different prices. 

Bronze Chest has a maximum prize of 2M. To play a Bronze chest game do the command !bchest.
Rune Chest has a maximum prize of 10M 07, to play do the command !rchest. 
Dragon chest has a maximum prize of 20M 07, to play do the command !dchest. 

Cracker Games

To play cracker games you simply trade a host a Christmas Cracker. (only available if the dice bot is offline)

REQUIREMENTS BEFORE BETTING: ACCEPT AID MUST BE ON !. After you bet on any host, they  will pull the

xmas cracker on you (only hosts can pull crackers). Whoever gets party hat in INVENTORY (READ IN-GAME CHAT)

It will say that "You won the Phat" 50/50 odds. You'll be then paid out the 1.8x of a wager.

Otherwise, it's a host win.

Bomb Defuse

 You choose to cut either a red,yellow or blue wire. If you can defuse the bomb you get a 2x payout, if the bomb explodes you loose your bet. To cut the wire you can do the command "!cut (color)". 

  • Hosts will always confirm bets in the clan chat before accepting trades, please wait for confirmation before accepting the final trade. 

  • Hosts will never PM you asking for money, do not get fooled by impostors. 

  • Hosts will never try to sell you ranks, you can only purchase a rank from Frost in Discord.​​


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