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10 Best Ways to Make Runescape Gold in 2020

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

How to make RS gold in Old School Runescape

One of the most sought after parts of playing Runescape is how to make gold in the fastest/easiest way possible. This is a list of some of the best ways to make GP within Old School Runescape in 2020.

Now, there are hundreds of different methods to pick from, so this list combines a mix of F2P methods as well as P2P to give as many options as possible to all readers! Most of these methods are fairly easy to do with a beginner to mid level account, so you don’t need to have max stats in order to complete the tasks. They are ranked from 10 being the least (but still effective) gp per hour, to 1 being the most gp per hour. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment on GP making methods that worked well for you!

10. Making amulet of strength


Level 49 magic

1x ruby amulet

1x cosmic rune

1x fire staff (or 5 fire runes)

Recommended for 1 hour:

750x Ruby amulets

750x cosmic runes

1x fire staff

F2P or P2P: F2P

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated gp/hr: 80k

Location: Grand Exchange

This method does not require much start-up gp and can provide solid turn around while getting magic xp at the same time. To craft the strength amulet you must use the level 3 enchant spell on a ruby amulet which can be purchased in the GE.

At the time of writing this, there is currently a 105gp upswing for each ruby amulet enchanted to an amulet of strength using enchant level 3 spell. As a bonus, these items are usually of high demand, so you can purchase the ruby amulets quickly, and sell the amulet of strength quickly, as well. And to top it off, you get 49 magic xp while you’re at it. Nothing like making a profit with 0 xp waste!

9. Wines of zamorak


Level 33 magic

1 air rune

1 law rune

Recommended for 1 hour:

1x air staff

110x law runes

4x Falador Teleports

F2P or P2P: F2P

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated gp/hr: 140k

Location: North of Falador

Well known as one of the best money makers in F2P, Zammy wines are a fairly easy and effective way to earn GP, especially for lower levels. Getting to level 33 magic is quick and the runes needed for using telegrab are cheap, as well. The church where you can find wine of zamorak is north of Falador, near the wilderness border. It is circled below in blue.

Currently, wine of zamorak sell for over 1.3k each. This adds up quickly when able to hop worlds back and forth to keep up the space. This is a popular method though, so finding an available space may set you back a bit. Overall, zammy wines have been a consistent gp maker for F2P players for a long time, and that isn’t likely to change soon.

8. Growing magic saplings


75 farming

68 magic

magic seed

filled plant pot


Recommended for 1 hour:

1400x plant pots

1400x magic seeds

1400x astral runes

1400x fire runes

1x Water staff

F2P or P2P: P2P

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated gp/hr: 215k

Location: Grand Exchange

Many people don’t want to spend the 5 minutes waiting for saplings to grow. This creates a wide open window for us to profit on impatience. This method does require a major start up cost to make the most gp for your time, but is easy to do.

  • Plant the seed in the filled pot with the trowel

  • Cast humidify on all of the seedlings to water them

  • Wait 5 minutes

Poof, you made about 2k per sapling. Do this for an hour and you get a decent turn around for your time!

7. Flipping at GE

Requirements: Start up GP

F2P or P2P: Both

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated gp/hr: 200k-1.5m depending on P2P or F2P

Location: Grand Exchange

Flipping items at the GE is easy, but can be time consuming in order to do your research correctly. This method can also require quite a bit of GP in order to make a good flip, but when done correctly, can turn into some massive profits if you find the right item.

Flipping at the GE is, in short, buying items for cheap, and selling them for a profit. Some of the more common flipping items in F2P are ores, runes, and rune gear. On the P2P side, common items include ranger gloves, saradomin coifs, and dragon boots.

A key element in proper flipping is to pick items that are in high demand so you can sell quickly and not have your gp tied up for long in the GE. The quicker you can buy for cheap and sell at a higher price, the better. You will be able to do much more flipping if your money isn’t caught up waiting for an item to go through. It may be well worth your time!

6. Killing Green dragons

Requirements: Be able to defeat a level 79 dragon (melee, dragonfire)


80+ melee or 60+ range

25+ prayer (protect item)

pineapple pizzas

anti-dragon or dragonfire shield

minimum of full rune armor. Do not use extremely expensive gear as you are going into the wilderness.

F2P or P2P: P2P

Difficulty: Intermediate

Estimated gp/hr: 410k

Location: Wilderness

Green dragons are another popular method to make GP, but this time for members only. While the green dragons are a higher level, with some decent food and armour, they shouldn’t be too much of a problem for most players. The standard drop of dragon bones and green dragonhide are quite satisfactory in terms of making GP, but throw in the possibility of ranarr weeds, and this method really gets an extra boost.

Use caution: however, they are located in the wilderness, so PKers are always on the look. The locations to exactly where they can be found are circled in blue above. I recommend the most southern location you can find for quicker access to banks and less danger of PKers.

5. Killing Blue Dragons

Requirements: Be able to defeat a level 111 dragon (melee, dragonfire)


90+ melee, 70+range or 37 magic

70+ agility for a shortcut

Pineapple pizza

dragonfire shield if using melee

anti-dragon if using range or magic

Strong melee, range, or magic equipment depending on your level

F2P or P2P: P2P

Difficulty: Hard

Estimated gp/hr: 435k

Location: Taverley Dungeon

If you read about the information on the green dragons, take it one step further and you have the blue dragons. Again, you have the usual drops you would expect, dragon bones and blue dragonhide, which currently sell for a combined 4.5k, but again ranarr weed makes an appearance for a significant boost to the total per hour.

Blue dragons can be found in the Taverley dungeon which is just outside the gate west of Falador or East of Camelot teleport location. Inside the dungeon are safe spots if you are using range or magic behind columns and big eggs. These are extremely helpful for lower levels to be able to maximize profitability without dying. If you are a higher level melee capable of taking on many blue drags, or if you are safespotting, it would be a wise idea to bring a herb sack to store the ranarr weeds in to safe inventory space.

4. Birdhouse runs


Access to fossil island

4 clockworks

Birdhouse according to your hunter level*


*Check what birdhouses you can use according to your hunter level here*

F2P or P2P: P2P

Difficulty: Easy

Estimated gp/hr: 500k using yew birdhouses (level 59 hunter)

Location: Fossil Island

Birdhouse runs are one of my favorite methods on this list, mostly because you set up your birdhouse, you leave it be and take care of other business, and then come back later on and collect your items at the birdhouse. You can make gp even when you are logged out. Efficiency is key.

The higher the hunter level, the more gp you make! The locations of the 4 birdhouses are circled in blue on the image to the left. It is EXTREMELY helpful if you gain access to the transportation system on the island which are circled in red. To get access to the transportation system, all you need to do is approach the magic mushroom and “use” it to gain access to that location.

Another great benefit of birdhouse runs is they are located on fossil island, so while you wait for your birdhouses to finish, you can train on ammonite crabs for great combat xp. It’s a win, win. In order to access fossil island for the first time, you will need to complete the quests Bone Voyage and The Dig site. Once complete you will be able to go to the island. From there, bring a digsite pendant to teleport back and forth from the House on the Hill.

3. Tanning dragonhides




Recommended for 1 hour:

2500 dragonhide

50k gp for tanning fee

F2P or P2P: P2P


Estimated gp/hour: 500k

Location: Al Kharid

Tanning dragonhides is an extremely quick and effective way to make GP. It’s as easy as buy your dragonhide at the GE, teleport to Al Kharid and visit Ellis in the clothing shop. He will convert all of your dragonhides into dragon leather instantly with no wait time. Run to the bank just south and repeat the process. The path is drawn in red above. Bing, bang, done. As simple as that. The more GP you have to get more dragonhide, the better off you are. To make this method even easier, it’s close to a bank for easy inventory! You can make it even EASIER yet by having a stamina potion on you.

Note: If you don’t have the gp required to get dragonhide, you can also do this method using cowhide! You can do about 1300 cowhide in an hour for approximately 30k profit.

2. Frost Bets

Requirements: Discord

F2P or P2P: Both

Difficulty: EASY

Estimated gp/hr: depends on involvement and luck!

Location: Discord

This next one was the absolute GAME CHANGER for me. Frost Bets is a gambling clan that offers huge giveaways daily, including 5m gp, another 5m gp specifically for their nitro boosters, a daily bond giveaway, and many more random giveaways by other generous players. The discord server also holds 100k giveaways every 40 minutes in their general chat room! That’s 4.8 MILLION gp given away just in 100k opportunities.

To top all that off, you also have a chance to double your money by playing various dicing games, flower poker, texas hold’em with other clan mates, and even blackjack. This was my personal gamechanger that changed the way I was able to play.

Goodbye to the days of struggling for bonds! You can join their CC “Frost Betz” to bet in game and you can also join their discord server to get access to all of the giveaways directly by following this link:

1. Chamber of Xeric Raids


Minecart Control Scroll

65% Lovakengj favor


Level 90+ attack, strength, defense, magic, range

70+ prayer

55+ farming

78+ herblore

30+ construction

Best armor available

Dragon pickaxe

Divine ranging potion

Divine super combat potion

Super restores

Sanfew serum

Stamina potion

Saradomin brews

F2P or P2P: P2P

Difficulty: Very Hard

Estimated gp/hr: 2.3M

Location: Mount Quidarrortem

Remember in the beginning of the blog when I said that MOST of the list was available for low to mid level accounts...this is the exception. Chamber of Xeric raids are one of the most difficult things to accomplish in the game. It doesn’t take much more than to look at the recommended skill levels to understand that. But there is good news. It’s a safe game, meaning you won’t lose your stuff WHEN you die. But knowing some of the drops that come from the raids, it’s clear why this is a HUGE moneymaker. While only having a 28% drop rate, the dexterous prayer scroll sells for around 39M! Given thats a 1 in 4 chance, that is quite the turnaround. But thats just the beginning, with other drops consisting of dragon hunter crossbow (105M), ancestral robe top(62M), dragon claws (55M), and twisted bow(1B)! The chamber can be accessed by going to Mount Quidamortem at the very west of the map and riding the mine cart at the Lovakengj House.

If you have the experience, the Chamber of Xeric is definitely worth your time.

I hope you enjoyed this top 10 list and of course, if you have other gp making methods that you would like to share, please leave a comment! Until next time, stay frosty!

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