Player Moderators for sale in Runescape

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

As some of you may or may not already know, there are certain RuneScape Player Moderators who sell services for muting competition. Today we are going to discuss why they do it, and how much a RuneScape Player Moderator can expect to make for offering these services also, for those of you that didn’t know, I can confirm this has been going on for years.

Firstly, I just want to say I do not condone this behaviour since I believe competition should be fair (just my opinion). You can find Player Moderators who are willing to do this, but you can never ask them directly in RuneScape otherwise they will just deny it (for obvious reasons). To find these kind of Player Moderators, you must go seeking for them outside of RuneScape (either Twitter,Discord or Reddit is a good place) and you must send them a DM distrectly.

Depending on the Player Moderator, you can expect them to charge between $70-100 per week for muting someone’s competition, this usually means muting advert bots at a certain hot spot either in the duel arena at W302, or central GE. Player Moderators who can mute for 60 minutes will be in the low range scale of earnings, although Player Moderators who can mute for 24 hours can earn more. A lot of player moderators who accept these services will either be paid with Bitcoin or PayPal, none will accept RuneScape GP.

Player moderators that tend to sell their accounts can earn between $1,500-$3000 for doing so. This may sound like a hefty amount for most but considering how much someone can earn with muting their competition it is worth the investment.

Player Moderator Selling Account

Most people who would make these kind of purchases are either gold selling websites, services or gambling bot owners who wish to mute their competition, people tend to mute their competition to either protect their “turfs” or to ensure users will only go to them, instead of the competition. Say for example I run a gold selling website, and another gold selling website “B” has advertising accounts that are spamming at the same spot as where I am advertising, I can use a Player Moderator to mute my competition so I don’t lose customers, or I gain new customers with an unfair advantage.

Jagex has no idea Player Moderators are owned by members from the black market!

As seen in this reddit post here Jagex Moderators are either in denial, or have absolutely no clue that their is members from the black market (gold selling websites or dice bot owners) who own and hire player moderator accounts to mute competition auto chat bots (spammers).

Jagex has no idea that bot owners own Player Moderator accounts (source from reddit)

Dice bot owner admitting to having Pmod accounts to mute competition (source from Reddit)

Other reasons why black-market users may be interested in Player moderator accounts, is to get a “P Mod List”. People who run advertising spamming services use a “P Mod List” to ensure when P mods are within a proximity, the advertising bots automatically stop spamming. Player moderators get access to private forums with other player moderators, and people are willing to buy a list of all known player moderators, to add them to their spam bots blacklist so it doesn’t get detected and muted.

Although the market is uncommon, there are still users who flip P-Mod accounts, and there are certain ways you can only transfer a P-Mod account without getting a red flag, a Player Moderator must tell its J-Mod leader it is moving, so the different IP’s don’t raise alarms.

So finally, to summarize everything Player Moderators can charge between $70-$100 per week for muting competition, P mod accounts can sell between $1500-$3000, most people who use these services are gambling bot owners, gold selling websites, or service providing websites. Newbies who try to enter the black-market stand little to no chance, since any advertising they will attempt to do will get muted.

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