Provably Fair and how it works

Provably fair is an algorithm that allows you to see if a roll was randomly produced. For more information on the algorithm we use you can check out this link.

To verify the result of your roll you will need to wait 12 hours for the server seed to be unhashed. You can find this in #server-seed channel. 

Once the server seed is unhashed you can verify your results by doing the command !verify (hashed server seed) (unhashed server seed) (your client seed) (nounce). 

So an example would be.. 

Say if I wanted to verify this result, I would wait until the server seed becomes unhashed and then do the command


!verify 269d19e52cebcfb1843a38dc3494991f17b87eafb8de93d3cb1e5718c58db02f 1e239a875ff58c3355172485c1cd517a15c95151676587088b24adf918aab1b7 mymom 47

This would be your result

To verify Hot/Cold you can check the roll number on the picture displayed below. If a roll is under 14.24 the flower is red, 14.24-28.48 yellow, 28.48-42.72 then its orange, 42.72-56.96 is purple, 56.96-71.2 is blue, 71.2-85.44 is pastel, 85.44-99.68 is rainbow, 99.68-99.82 is white, 99.82-100 is black. 

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