Frost Bets Runescape Referral rewards

Instantly Earn 0.5% commision with us when you invite your friends to join our server. You will be rewarded if they wager with us (doesn't matter if they win or lose) which will be credited to your wallet for a total of 0.5% for whatever they gamble. 

Firstly you must create your own invite link for Discord (If you're on mobile look for the same icon at the top left). I also suggest to make sure you edit the invite link to so it never expires.

To create your discord link click next to a channel where you see a mini icon, if you hover your mouse over it will say create invite. 

Copy the code that is given, then you have your own link.

Once you have copied the link you can instantly send it to your friends. You can track how much you have earned by doing the command !profile at any time or check out our top earners in the referral channel.

runescape referral leaderboard gambling server

Different methods for advertising us 

If you are someone who is hard working and wants to make GP here are a few ideas where you can post  your newly created Discord link:

  • Sythe 

  • Facebook (create a fan page)

  • Twitter (create a fan page) 

  • Reddit

  • Your own Discord channel

  • your Youtube channel

Be sure to join our Discord link below and start referring! 

Runescape Discord Gamblin and commision staking

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