The following rules are accepted by everyone who places a bet in our clan chat or Discord.

Welcome to Frost Bets, by betting with us you agree to all of our Terms & Conditions; we have every right to assume you have read everything below before you have placed a bet we will not take any responsibility for any misunderstandings.


1) We do not allow scamming (In our Discord server, through Discord PMs, or Ingame)

2) We do not allow loans (you may not ask to borrow money)

3) We do not allow begging (you may not ask people for money)

4) We do not allow bug abuse (you may not abuse bugs you find in the server)

5) We do not allow bullying or toxic like behaviour


By doing anything previously mentioned above you may be banned from the server, and lose all status including ranks and wallet amounts without a refund.


DISCLAIMERWe are not responsible for any mistakes that may occur while betting which is from your own negligence such as "typos". Doing such mistakes will not validate a refund.

Once a game has started you may not ask for a refund, or be offered a refund from a host or bot, it is your choice to choose all games, so choose wisely!

If we do suspect you of bug abusing in the server, we may withhold funds for up to 1 week. If we have solid proof; without reasonable doubt; that you have abused any bugs, all status and server wallet will be lost. 

For large amounts of withdrawals there may be delays of up to 7 days due to supply and demand issues.

You may not advertise other servers to members in our Discord channel or others. Doing this may get you instantly banned from our server and you will lose all your status/wallet.

All ranks are insured up to their max bet. 

All ranks are insured only for gambling. We are a gambling clan, which means if you get scammed outside of the clan, or unrelated to gambling, you will NOT get a refund. 
If on the unlikely occurrence you are scammed for something that is outside our Discord gambling services, you are not entitled to a refund. 

To cash out in Discord you need a minimum of 1M 07 or RS3 equivalent. You must have also wagered a minimum of 5M 07, do !thisweek to check.

All currencies gambled is only for fun, we do not use real life currency only Runescape GP. 

If a host is banned during a game, or during a stake they are not entitled to refund you. You must accept there is some risk while betting. When you do bet in game you must wait for a host confirmation before rolling any bets for it to be vaild.

If we do suspect that your account is an alt (alternative account that isn't someone's original account) you will not be paid out for giveaways, or you may be banned without notice. At Frost Bets we do have the right to choose who we give away GP to, and may choose not to payout a giveaway at our discretion.

We only host games that are listed on our site.

Temporary and permanent bans will be issued to players who break rules. The type of ban and ban period will be set according to the rule broken. 

Commision staking 

Our hosts also provide commission staking as a service while charging 4% on commission All stakes are done either through discord in our #commission-stake channel ;Jagex charges 1%.


The host will mention to you when he is going in-to the stake right before he accepts a stake. Please note there are several scams (Mage scam, food scam, forfeit scam, blade of selador, ham hock, swift blade, rapier, and more) in the duel arena that may occur while the host is staking for you.


In the rare event a scam does happen, a host will be required to refund you the complete wager or repeat the stake at your discretion.


Hosts are required to record all their stakes, therefore, in the event where a host denies a scam that a bettor is claiming, a host must provide proof to an admin as evidence that the stake went properly.

Frost Bets 2020© All rights Reserved. Check out our Disclaimer here

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