Old School Runescape Giveaways

We provide some of the biggest giveaways in oldschool Runescape. 

Daily Bonds!

Stay idle in our clan chat "FrostBz" and win a bond daily! 

How it works? At any given time throughout the day a host will randomly give someone who is idle in our clan chat a bond. No requirements needed, just be idle to win! Bond giveaway will also be announced in our Discord server so make sure to join here for when they will be happening!


While you are there, enjoy the convenience of placing bets with one of our hosts right from the game! Check out how and the games we offer here!  

Skill Comps!


Also be sure to check out our Discord Channel where you can win more giveaways in our Weekly skill competitions! 

Every week we set a new skill competition (randomly selected), the top 3 people who have the most XP for that skill during the week will win a split of 20M! Be sure to join our Discord channel (link below) for a chance to win.


Like to draw? Like to guess what other people draw? Get paid for it! Our giveaway squad will host skribbl.io competitions on our Discord Channel! Giveaway amount varies but minimum is 5M! Join in on the fun!

Hide and Seek

Join in on your favorite childhood game of hide and seek, OSRS style! Games will be announced on our Discord Channel before they happen. One of our giveaway squad members will hide somewhere around the OSRS map, first person to find them claims the prize!


Fancy showing off your big brain? Join our Discord Channel to join our trivia giveaways! Questions can be OSRS related, or random trivia. Join in on a game today!

Free Bets!

We also give away a chance for free bets! All you have to do is join the Discord Channel and react to the posts regarding free bets. As easy as that!


You have many game to choose from when you win a chance at a free bet! Check out our list of games we offer here!

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